Sunday, May 15, 2011


Corn is no longer just a summer veggie to be enjoyed off the cob. Nowdays, corn has laced its way into nearly every component of our economy. And it's true, corn really is in almost everythign. It's used in soap, plasitcs, artificial sweeteners, paint, hair dyes, baby food, and even packing peanuts! However, the largest uses for corn are as livestock feed, for ethanol production, and as an export. Corn is used to feed most of the animals sold in your grocery store, especially cattle. You have probably heard of E85 and other ethanol fuels, the growing production of ethanols has created a new consumer of corn. Many countries rely on corn as well, but do not have the ability to grow enough themselves, so the US exports corn, which fuels our economy.
Check out this chart which shows the distribution of how corn is used in the United States. --->
Corn affects our nations' energy production, livestock, and exports, creating a significant impact on the economy as a whole.


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