Sunday, May 15, 2011

Corn Fed Fuel

In order to meet ethanol producers' demands for corn more and more corn must be grown each year. This year a record amount of corn will be delivered to biofuel plants. According to the USDA's monthly feed stock report for May 2011, corn used to make ethanol is set to increase by 50 million bushels this year. This would make the number of bushels used to create ethanol at 5,000 million for 2011. Just in the last year the amount of corn used for ethanol has increased by 14%. This graph shows the distribution of corn use in just the industrial sector, you can see how in the present ethanol dominates consumption.
The USDA explains that if corn production did not grow in stride with ethanol production the industry would fail. Check out the USDA's complete report on ethanol --->


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